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Apparatus for supplying chemicals or sprays, foam generators, etc.

We have in our offer devices calles sprinklers czy eżektorami, and foaming agents, whom helps you to wash. They are giving thinned cleaner, active foam or some other chemicals.

That devices are very similar to each other from the outside, but they differs because of their equipement. Foaming agent can work as a sprinkler, but the sprinkler can't work as a foaming agent.

Using technology that type is very good and efficient, because:

  • penetrating work of chemicals. Modern chemicals used for washing vehicles are mostly chemicals peeking deep inside the surface covered by muck. For best use of their abilities we should leave it for some time (3 –5 minutes).
  • economic. In diluted chemical giving by sprinklers etc. deviced from 1 liter of chemicals can wash for example. : 3 big trucks or 4 buses, however giving the same chemical in devices lik pressure aggregate (with cold or warm water) use of chemical the same type increases a lot. It's about: for one 1 truck 0,75 to 1,2 liters, and bus: 0,5 – 0,75 liter. So the costs of wash are much more than with using this device.

Another very important thing is covering the washed area by wet or dry foam.

  • Wet foam Because the main element of this foam is water - the foam is wet and dribble fast, especially from vertical areas. The grade of use is not big, and observations and researches proved, that this pointer is about 0,45 – 0,55, and after this the foam dribbles to the ground.
  • Dry foam is made in foaming agents with the aid of feedback air. This foam is serving on a dry area and it stuck (don't fall that fast), giving a chance to use gentle, cheaper chemicals. This foam keeps much longer, so it is much more efficient. The pointer is about 0,75-0,85. Generally - is about three times cheaper than wet foam!!!

Proffessional devices are made from enamel steel or from so known acid-ressistant steel, capacity 20, 40 to 200 liters, equipped in reservoir, security valve, manoeuvrable valve, valves cutting of the inflow of air, liquid, serpent with the pistol, lance (often telescope type), ended with long nozzle (for examples for washing high trucks).

Shortened terms of use:

To the empty reservoir we are pouring water to a appropriate level, after that we are pouring chemicals (mostly about 1 liter), jampacking the air in appriopriate pressure, which is going to push the thinned mix. I case of using the device to make a foam it should be connected to the installation of pressured air. This devices (because of low pressure works) fall outside technical supervision.

Photos below are adducing that product. From the outside the sprinkler and the foam agent are very similar – similar reservoirs, similar installation givin chemicals – they differs from each other additional devices.

And one more very important thing – enamel devices (painted steel) are less ressistant from some aggressive chemicals, especially that with hight ph indicator. In spite of that, whom are made from stainless steel.