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Mobile washing brush - wash roadshow

Truckwash is 7 times cheaper than automatic car wash and the costs of washing are over 5 times smaller. It has got uncontested anvantage, that the operator can without delay check the quality of washing and at any moment can correct it without need of repeating the whole process, like in automatic car wash. It is extremely important in case of serving, when the customer complains and the muck is hard removable or specific (bitum. glue, insects etc.).

Dane techniczno - ekploatacyjne (dotyczą ogólnie wszystkich modeli szczotek istniejących na rynku):

In that case washing can be started at any time and in any place.
TECHNICAL FEATURES: (concerning all truckwashes in general)

  • aluminium construction, stainless sheet metal or enemel (at choice)
  • motor 1-1,5kW 400 V ; on request it can be monophase;
  • intake of water 12 - 15 l/min ½”;the bus: about 80–120 l.,the truck: about 100-200 l of water
  • height of the washed vehicle: from 2600 – 4200 mm;
  • weight: about 220 - 250 kg;
  • width x length of base: about 1200 x 1000 mm (can be any);
  • bristle made from special fibre in specific production terms enabling it flexibility and ability to delamination of nozzles and thereby work even in minus temperatures, with a special shape not causing damage to windscreen wipers etc. equipement at any colouring from 0,4 to 1 mm at lenght from 400 – 800 mm at vivacity about 15.000 - 20000 washings;
  • nozzles from plastic or metal – depends on model;
  • shield from transparent plastic or material securing from spatter;
  • additional protection from overload or other human stupidity;
  • Voltage's security: 24 V;
  • switching water or changing the direction of washing manually or automatically;
  • protection to the vehicle from damaging;
  • special electr. cable for truckwash 40 mb (standard) ze EURO type plug 16A/32A;
  • special water serpent highly resistant with firemans joints type 40 mb (stand.);
  • direct propulsion (snail transmission) or with the aid of chain, depending on the producer;
  • ability to lean (electrical or by crank) to wash slanted areas (for example: front of the cabin). Depending on model and producer, it's about 10 degrees.