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Mobile brush EBA2000L

Product EBA2000L type from german producer – Steinbrückner Company, which we are exclusive importer, in price …6.099 € net !!! So the product „Mercedes” class costs much less than others (for example: RBS 6000 costs about 7.000€ ) !!! Because of the increasing current sales in previous periods we gained much less cost of purchase, so in 15.01.2006 we lowered the price over 8 % in comparision with prices from previous years. And in 01.05.2006 we lowered the price again for 6,5 % !!! It is the price of a standalone machine. This truckwash representse almost 70% of our sales and certainly not because we wanted it, but it's the market decision. This machine differs from other not only because of the design/look, but also because of technology. From 30 years this producer manufacture only machines this type (from 15 years also automatic car washes), he has very advanced technician and laboratory backup in that domain, and he did not manufacture „by the way” or from remains, like other producers.

Model EBA2000L implements:

  • automatic leaning the truckwash to wash slanted areas – it's especially important when washing cabins, struts, refrigerated trucks or buses. By leaning the truckwash we have to be sure that we don't damage the top of the vehicle, varnish or valuable advertisements etc. For this it is strongly recommended to use a truckwash, which leaning is held automatically by pushing a button on a control desktop. However in case of leaning manually (by moving the eccentric) operator have to go to the opposing side of the brush (he losses visibility) to move the crank (etc.) and he can't see how safe is to lean and the fact that he have to turn the brush off firstly, before he pass to the opposing side of the brush (while the brush is turned off the parameters of leaning can change and it could cause a damage to the washed truck and to the brush) ;
  • snail direct transmission (automatic) conjugated with automatic clutch;
  • propylene bristle, manufactured in special conditions, which are ensuring flexibility and softness even in minus temperatures ( - 10 degrees C). despite of cross-section reaching to 1 mm²
  • automatic diversion and showering;
  • distance pumped wheels with white gum (non scratching);
  • brass water nozzles enabling cleaning and long life;
  • many more, such as big wheels with very good placentas (from Blickle company).

Truckwashes like thos, approximately works for about 7 - 8 years without any breakdowns, provided that handling activities are obeyed. We are enabling fringe benefits after the guarantee, at the customer within individually covenant. Then you have sure, that the truckwash will serve you without any fail for many, many years. Contact (via email) us right now and aks for an advice!!!