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Alkaline cleaner truck ALFA PLUS.


for proffessional cleaning and thinning for many types of areas flushable with water. Special product for cleaning truck, especially tarpaulins, cars and other similar areas. Furthermore also to keep clean in house, gardening institute, etc.


ALFA PLUS has big power to thin the oil, fats, soot, protein (bugs) etc. Works efficient in cold and warm water, tough and soft. It's very good for washing window panes, especially in buses etc. leaving shining surface. It's an area active cleaner. Works in frost PH 10.


  • Before every wash it's good to execute some tests - generally thin in proportion 1:20 or, when stronger muck 1:10. The effectiveness of this cleaner depends on many variables, like: level of muck, environment temperature and period of action.
  • We should leave it for at least 3 - 5 minutes to give it a good muck penetration. Higher temperature highers the effectiveness of this cleaner.


  • Protect your eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes or skin immediately and abundantly flush with clean water and consult with your doc.
  • Occuring in 5, 20 packs and any amount; progressive price (more amount - lower price) 1 liter to 20 l = 7,39 polish zlotys