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Other solutions washing vehicles

have in our offer mobile truckwashes made as self-moving (own electrical or combustion drive) with reservoir (500l), and with chemicals - then the vehicles ar able to be washed almost in every places, even when there is no possibility to plug in the media. It is enough to have quite steady substrate, to go around standing vehicles even with slope to wash slanted surfaces (middle picture). This device possess pressurized engine to wash tough available places. Such truckwash can be made with an operator platform and then he is driving and navigating the truckwash or he is leading the truckwash standing beside, navigating only a joystick - picture below.

Also we have in sale the mobile truckwashes in "trail" version, as in the point „operational data, models” with extra mounted horizontal brush (1,0 m length) which can be picked up to 3m height. That brush is driven separetely (picked up and dropped) depending on needs in washing the rooftop, the car mask or the luggage carrier of the BUS type vehicles, normal buses or even personal cars.