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Alkaline cleaner and degreaser MARINE SP.


for cars, tarpaulins, engines, chassis, construction machines, agricultural machines etc.


Alkaline cleaner is a thinner. Excelent dissolves oil, fats, soot, asphalt muck etc.


  • Before every wash it's good to execute some tests. Generally thin in proportion to 1:20 or, when stronger muck - 1:10.
  • The effectiveness of this cleaner depends on many variables, like: level of muck, environment temperature and period of action.
  • We should leave it for at least 3 - 5 minutes to give it a good muck penetration. Higher temperature highers the effectiveness of this cleaner. Non pressure wash - cold: 1 part for 20 - 50 parts of water, making water solution 2-5%
  • High pressure wash: 1 part for 10 parts of water; PH10


  • Protect your eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes or skin immediately and abundantly flush with clean water and consult with your doc.
  • Occuring in 5, 20 packs and any amount; progressive price (more amount — lower price) 1 liter to 20 l = 7,29 polish zlotys.