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Universal cleaning liquid NEUTRAL SP.


For washing and cleaning vehicles, tarpaulins, kitchen tools, construction and agricultural machines, for daily maintenance, schools, hotels etc.


Universal alkaline chemicals with low PH (7-8); Can clean almost every muck and oils, fats, soots, etc. High efficience in hard and cold water. Easy to flush.


  • Before every wash it's good to execute some tests. The extract thins apprioriate to level of toughness of water or temperature.
  • Washing manually in cold water: 4 - 10 parts of water;
  • Opening cleaning of tarpaulins, trucks 1: 10
  • Normal (often) truck washing, tarpaulins, etc. 1:20
  • High pressure washing - solution 3 - 10 %


  • Protect eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes or skin immediately and abundantly flush with clean water and consult with your doc.
  • Occuring in 5, 20 pack and any amount; progressive price (more amount — lower price) 1 liter to 20 l = 7,20 polish zlotys.