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Automatic car washes

Automatic carwash.

Automatic portal carwash from german company Steinbrückner is a very modern device with highly computerized process of washing. Because of fresh technical solutions it doesn't need continous care, which in many cases is very expensive.

Carwash can work inside and outside the buildings in size adjusted to the clients preference.

The producer in many cases used very modern technical solutions, like for example:

  • under leading vertical brushes,
  • ceramic side-slipped placentas,
  • extended wash and control programme,
  • inteligent clamping brush,
  • drive thru special chain ring belts etc.

Compane Steinbrückner for over 30 years concentrates only on modernising the production of carwashes. It is safe to say, that this company is a world leader in production cheap and excellent, non-breaking down carwashes. (we are serving the list of references).

The concept „carwash” includes complete device for washing — to wash you don't have to extra buy anything other elements like gates etc. = you get everything you need ! So what that you buy cheap … when after that you have to buy other elements, which can cost you about 30 –40 % of the price of carwash. Super price = 43.500 € net.

Carwash'es destination is to wash vehicles, like:

  • trucks, refrigirated trucks, cars with sidecars and others,
  • buses, microbuses, delivery van,
  • cisterns, waste collective vehicle, earthmover and many, many more different vehicles
  • opened type cars like dump truck, platforms etc.,
  • personal cars from jeep to little Fiat.
Technical features: DBA 4200 L
  • Height: 4925 mm *
  • Height of the brushes: 4200 mm *
  • Width: 4820 mm *
  • Depth: 2340 mm *
  • Max. width of vehicle: 3300 mm *
  • Rail: 3500 mm
  • Speed on the portal: 8,5 - 17 m/min.
  • Electric terminal: 3x400V, 50 Hz, 7 kW
  • Water pressure: 4 - 6 bar
  • Intake of water: 80 - 100 l/min.

* There is a ability to select your own sizes.

In standard equipement you have all programmes for washing all types of vehicles

  • Self-service; because of use the drive thru the chain ring belts and implementation of ceramic self-greasing side-slip placentas
  • Inteligent; After verification of size of the washe vehicles its choosing the strength of the brushes of its own
  • Persistent; wonderfully ressistant from corrosion, because of firing galvanized steel columns.
  • At you own size; the producer is adjusting the paramteres for individual needs of our clients.
  • Efficient and economical; intake of bristle - about. 10000 washes, intake of water comparative with wash od personal cars: 80 - 100 l/min.