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Welcome on our site about simple, cheap and very effective machines for washing cars, wagons and other vehicles, because...
  • if You have some vehicles, and You have problems with keeping them clean, You have valuable advertisements with a logo of Your company, and You appreciate a quality of Your car varnish, which is more and more destroyed by an aggressive chemicals with a big PH indicator or standard "on stick" brush;
  • if You're terrified about the costs of standard washing in a automatic car wash or excessively intake of water thereby need of removing quite big amount of sewage;
  • if You appreciate Your and Your workers time;
  • if Your aim is to enter the market of car washing services
then… You don't have to invest in expensive automatic car wash… You just need to buy that simple, but how effective device !!!

We are proposing offer to sell mobile truckwash with its unquestionable values as a simple and very effective mobile truckwash for washing vehicles. We have devices almost every european producer on a exclusiveness basis or partnership new as well as pre-owned after regeneration and with long guarantee and with a delivery to the place where You want it to be. This device is especially useful there, where is a lack of conditions of installing the proffesional car wash or it's profitless, so mostly in medium and small transport companies.

F Furthermore in case of intentions of serving in that domain it is important to enter the services market, gain the customers and with a lack of selfassurance it's a good idea to invest (with much smaller risk) in... almost tenfold cheaper device than an automatic car wash. In the future mobile truckwash can serve as a auxiliary. Expecially in times of big demand of that service or at the quite often maintenance automatic car wash, which is indispensable operating activity.