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Used Mobile brush washing

WE HAVE IN OUR OFFER PRE - OWNED and only that types and models of mobile truckwashes, which brand new models we have in distribution (our clients have parts service for minimum 10 years). All our devices pass special technicial inspection by producer for our request - changing operating elements to brand new (like for example: gear, bristle, wheels, seals, placentas, etc.), and also other parts needed for proper work, to turn your truckwash into technically full operative !!!

Pre-owned truckwashes are buyed back by the producer from clients in Germany, in the place of brand new or at the delivery of automatic wash. Prices are about 40-75 % of brand new device and are addicted to level of intake thereby the range of change old accessories to brand new. Mostly, after regeneration is left only alluminium construction and base from stainless sheet metal, and the rest is brand new or regenerated.

Depending on range of regeneration we grant apprioriate riotous guarantee. There's an opportunity to buy twelve months or longer guarantee (then the price is higher).

Używane myjnie są odkupywane przez producenta STR od klientów w Europie Zachodniej w miejsce nowych bądź przy dostawie myjni automatycznej.

Furthermore we provide contractual maintenance supervision, ensuring the proper work of the device for years of operating.

Before transact a deal of purchase we settle the technical details about the range of regeneration, and client confirms his order by deposit tender guarantee - 10 % of price of the device (terms are determined individually). Time of realisation is about 2 – 8 weeks ( market of pre-owned devices is not stable, and we are not buying-in the scrap).